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Alright Mr. Prince Ea, point taken. Ok?

This activist has taken things to another level. The latest short video on the future of the universe is not easy to describe. We transcribed the video and here below is the text. Just too poetic! The rest you figure out.


If you want to see where we are going, you need to understand where we came from. Because our future is just a part of our voyage that started a long ago. Consider flying. For thousands of years, we have been exploring the skies first with kites, makeshift wings, then hullaballoos and then now planes. To reach the heavens, we have got these machines. And each day, they bring us across together each time a plane leaves off, hundreds of people start a journey, they land in new places and meet new people. Men and women, from opposite sides of this planet that we call home, come together and share this thing that we call the `Heaven Experience’. But in all this beauty, it can be easy to forget. But each time a plane lifts off, the environment pays the price. Each time we start a car or turn on the lights, the environment pays the price, a price it can no longer afford to pay. We have to change this, we must change this, we can change this. And changes we make do not acquire us the sacrifice of being disconnected, isolated or unhappy; no. We solve problems not by making things worse but by making them better. We did not stop hunting because we were no longer hungry, no. We learnt to harvest. We did not stop sending letters because we stopped caring, no, we just invented better ways to keep in touch. And we cannot stop traveling, meeting and getting together, no. We will find the other alternatives. Because our future is just a part of our voyage that started a long ago and it is up to us to protect it. We are inventors, creators, problem solvers and we have always to find the better way. It is those better ways of doing things that will change this world. This is the future I believe in, a future where good deeds are made better. This is the future that you and I deserve, the future that we must demand.

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