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Gunmen Kill Two In Rwanda’s Border District

Unknown assailants shot two civilians in the wee hours on Sunday at Ryankana cell, Kabuga village of Bugarama sector in Ruzizi district. One of the deceased is a 12-year-old, the army said in a statement.

Rusizi district borders Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Army Spokesperson, Lt. Col. Rene Ngendahimana, said in a statement that, “one of the killed persons and the wounded were on irondo (Night guard) at a Health Post, while the 2nd who was killed is a 12-year old young man.”

Circumstances of the child’s death are yet to be known. The army is following some leads and, “investigations into the incident have started to establish the identity of the attackers,” but no more details were released.

“The unidentified gunmen withdrew to Burundi as the incident took place near the border with Burundi,” the statement said.

Lt. Col. Ngendahimana told Taarifa this evening that “we are conducting an investigation” and once details are available, “we will share.”


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