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RECAP: YouthConnekt Africa Summit 2017


RECAP: YouthConnekt Africa Summit 2017

Moderator: What’s your most challenge? Paul Kagame: There has been lots of challenges that I choose not to remember but I have been grounded to what I believe in.

Pres Kagame: “the problem is we (Africans) do not seem to own our politics (either we own other people’s politics or their/our politics own us”



anda Youth Minister says the summit has decided to create 4Ps:
Partnerships and
Zambia committed to open a youth connect hub 

Older people talk about yesterday than tomorrow. Young people talk about tomorrow, the future, says Jack Ma

If you have crazy colleagues, who understand your vision, who are smart. “Hire them,” says Jack Ma

Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi, Secretary General UNCTAD gives remarks before Jack Ma hits the stage

Chinese Billionaire Jac Ma has just held a meeting with President Kagame at Urugwiro. Ma and President Kagame are expected to address thousands of youth from around Africa who are in Kigali attending YouthConnekt Africa Summit.  The billionaire is said to be with a delegation of about 30 Chinese billionaires including the Chairman of StarTimes, Peng Xinxing.


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