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Rwanda Ships U$2m Cereals to Oman, DRC, Sudan

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With the global supply of cereals affected by the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, Rwanda is gradually reaping big from shipping cereals to new markets.

According to the National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB), Rwanda last week exported U$2,121,018 worth of cereals, grain and flour to destinations including Oman, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The weekly (Mar, 18 – 24) exports to these destinations also included; Animal products: U$266,001.6, Roots & tubers: U$277,911, Pulses: U$125,064, Oleaginous: U$557,781, and Other products: U$116,910.

In the same period, Rwanda also shipped out to Switzerland, and United Kingdom; 127.5 metric tones of coffee valued at U$500,582.

For horticultural products (fruits, vegetables & flowers) the country exported 366 Metric tones worth U$742,028 mostly destined to DRC, UAE, UK, Netherlands, USA, and France.

Rwanda Tea is also a major sought after product which last week fetched a total of U$1,270,752 from 471Metric tones exported to Pakistan, UK, Kazakhstan, Iran, and Egypt.

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