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Meddy switches to gospel Music



Singer-songwriter, Medard Ngabo Jobert A.k.a Meddy has made a sensational comeback with a new spiritual song titled Grateful which is also his first track of 2023.

R&B Maestro scaled his musical career heights when his song “My Vow” dedicated to his wife Mimi hit 1 million views in two days last year when it was released in 2022 (now with 23 million views) proving himself as the outstanding solo singer in the country.  

Meddy’s “Queen of Sheba” released after “My Vow” was also a hit and the track has now been viewed by 12 million viewers.

Now, the recently released gospel  track “Grateful” and  the singer’s first debut song of 2023 carry a message of encouragement and aim to inculcate the spirit of thankfulness among people.

Prior to the release of the song, media reports allegedly reported about Meddy’s harassment by his wife Mimi in which, the flip side of sources said the wife advised the singer to quit his music career.

Meanwhile, “Grateful” has a hit vibe too and of course, he seemed not to disappoint his fans as usual but the music critics say his current gospel song has the initial originality.

According to Jean Gabriel Uzabakiriho, a local entertainment journalist, the new track “Grateful” lacks unique flavors that are woven into other singers’ old tracks.

 “His music is no longer original as when he started,” he says.

To some extent fans say, it is just a matter of time for Meddy’s transition to gospel to pick a vibe.

“There are some songs that become catchy after a long time following their release.”  Francoise Uweera, a local singer, told Taarifa.

“Yes, the song might not be a hit like his other gospel track but it will catch the vibe.”

Meddy who has earned a name as the greatest musician of all time in Rwanda has been chanting about his musical exodus from secular to gospel since 2018.

Nonetheless, some people are worried about the singer’s exodus to gospel following the failure of other musicians who have tried the path.

Switching from the secular to the gospel is not simple; it requires a lot of energy and a secular path.  

“Doing gospel requires anointing and praying and there is more force behind it,” he said.

The singer has made popular tracks in the gospel that has left fans in Rwanda and the continent yearning for more including Ngirira Ubuntu, Ntacyo Nzaba and Holy Spirit.

One among these gospel tracks, “Holy Spirit” is a product of the singer’s transformative journey from the destructive behaviour of drunkards towards a man of faith.

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