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Cameroon’s Samuel Eto’o Beats Algerian Youtuber In Qatar

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Samuel Eto’o

Cameroon’s football icon Samuel Eto’o was noticed negatively at the World Cup in Qatar due to an outburst of anger.

The former star striker, now his home country’s FA president and Fifa ambassador, kicked a man in the face outside Doha’s 974 stadium on Monday night, according to a video posted to Twitter by a journalist from La Opinion newspaper.

The incident happened after the round of 16 between Brazil and South Korea (4:1). At first, Eto’o stood by for selfies with fans before chasing after a man who was filming him on camera.

However, other people tried to hold the 41-year-old back but Eto’o broke free and kicked the man, a YouTuber from Algeria.

According to information from the Algerian football portal DZ foot, the YouTuber is said to have asked the former attacker about the controversial referee Bakary Gassama, who led the World Cup play-off between Algeria and Cameroon (1: 2). In the game, the Cameroonians secured a ticket to Qatar with a goal in the last minute.

The influencer announced in a video on his YouTube channel that he would report Eto’o to the local police.

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