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Armed Groups In DRC Can Be Defeated- Museveni

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President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda believes that more than 100 armed groups both local and foreign operating in the DRC can be defeated under the combined forces of EAC bloc.

According to Museveni, the notorious armed groups causing insecurity can be defeated if efforts are harmonised.

”If any group doesn’t respect the formula reached after the dialogues, the combined resources of East Africa will be brought down on them. No force can defy the combined efforts of East Africa,” the Ugandan leader says.

He explains that the internal armed groups of Congo arose from the weakening of the state authority of Eastern DRC for a prolonged period and can be handled by combining the political methods; dialogue and if necessary, the military method if there’s any group that is adamant and doesn’t want peace.

He also argues that insecurity in DRC has to an extent been perpetuated by the presence of illegal guns that have been circulating within the country since independence.

The guns currently being held by foreign armed groups have all these years been killing Congolese and disturbing neighbours.

In a related situation, Congolese army and the Burundian Contingent sent to South Kivu in eastern DRC as part of the EAC Regional Force conducted a ” ‘high-intensity offensive operation’ against the foreign armed group, the National Liberation Front (FNL) and dislodged them from all four hills overlooking the locality of Nabombi, a former command post and the logistics base of General Aloys Nzabampema.

“These armed men were dislodged and were on the run and took refuge in the Itombwe forest in Mwenga territory without any exit after suffering a heavy loss in men and equipment (40 assailants neutralized)”, said Lieutenant Marc Elongo the spokesman for operations Sukola II, axis South of the province of South Kivu.

According to him, the loyalist forces of the Taskforce are currently consolidating the locality of Nabombi and are carrying out in-depth operations in order to plan a future maneuver in order to put this negative force out of harm’s way.