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Tax Payers Encouraged to Conduct Timely Tax Filing

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Non-Governmental Organizations (CSOs) have called on all Rwanda tax payers to participate in tax filing because timely payment of taxes will develop the country.

The call was made during a meeting organized by Governace for Africa (GFA) including partners from various non-governmental organizations collectively brainstorming on how tax payers can adjust to the new tax laws and more timely payment of taxes to avoid late penalties.

Deliberations at the meeting also aimed at strengthening the role and increasing capacity of non-governmental organizations (CSO) to better understand the composition, tax policy, national debt, and the new tax laws.

The Chief Executive Officer of GFA, Mr. Munyaburanga Cyrus Nkusi, says that taxpayers have paid more taxes on time, which would lead Rwanda to rapid development in the construction of infrastructure, including roads, health centers, and schools among others.

Mr. Munyaburanga encouraged all taxpayers to pay their taxes on time, in order to avoid the penalties imposed by the RRA, if they pay early that will make the development more rapid.

Abel Ntegano, Director General of Tax Policy at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN) explored the tax regulation bill that is passed into law, there must first be a problem that you want to solve, and the solution will be solved. to provide in this context, it shows that meetings are held by different agencies to see if their output is considered in the draft tax law.

Marie Immaculée Ingabire, the Chair person of Transparency International Rwanda said that taxes play a major role in the development of the country.

However, Ingabire said that civil society is not consulted and the role of taxpayers in the process of setting taxes is very small.

She also hinted on the land tax provided for in the law known as the Property Taxes – published (2018). She said that with this law, the tax rate for a piece of land was set at Rwf300 per square meter from the previous Rwf80, this means that taxes have tripled in some cases.