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MISS RWANDA: Dos And Don’ts For Pageants

Beauty pageant is one of the popular activities on the Rwandan social calendar that appeal to a cross-section of Rwandans of all walks, who spontaneously engage themselves in debates about the competition and/or bet as to who will be crowned Miss Rwanda.

No wonder, the outcomes of such an emotional competition have always divided the fans as to whether the winners deserved it or not with some fanatics pointing an accusing finger at the judges.

This article, thus, categorically highlights the Dos and Don’ts of a beauty pageant.

But before I do that, let me put one thing clear…

Fashion shows are very different from beauty pageants.

From a spectator’s perspective, beauty pageants and runways/ fashion shows seem to be more or less the same. Surely, they both have beautiful women (sometimes men) parading around in various different outfits, but the reason behind the parading is what differentiates the two.

A fashion show is one where a fashion designer shows off his or her new collections of fashion designs. In a typical fashion show, models walk the runway dressed in the designer’s outfits, which is illuminated by lighting. The order in which each model walks out wearing a specific outfit is usually planned in accordance to the statement that the designer wants to make about his or her collection.

On the other hand, a beauty pageant is a competition in which participants are judged based on their beauty, talent, sometimes personality and most of all how they will give back to their communities. A beauty pageant usually occurs on an annual basis. Generally speaking, a beauty pageant is defined by:

Prepare early: Participating in a beauty pageant is not a last minute choice. It is something that a person thinks of on several occasions and finally plans to do it. Once you have made the choice to participate in a pageant, it is advisable that you evaluate yourself and see what you need to work on and improve on in order for you to achieve your dream. It could be picking the right outfit for the auditions or even improving on how you express yourself when answering the questions.

Get in shape by eating healthy and exercising: Being in shape is one of the confident boosters! When you know you look good you feel good and it is automatically reflected in the way you conduct yourself and how you interact with people around you. Besides, it is never a good image when people see unnecessary fat where it should not be. Exercising goes hand in hand with eating healthy. Check if what you are eating helps your body or if it adds harm instead.

Get a pageant coach: When you participate in a beauty pageant you expose yourself to many critics, not just the judges but the entire population and you need to show them why they should put their confidence in you by voting. It is best if you get a coach to teach you skills, the way you should walk, act and look throughout the pageant. You may have the qualities needed but you need something to set you apart from the rest. Remember practice makes perfect!

Eye Contact: When you walk on stage make eye contact with everyone, but mostly focus on the judges. You can look out at the audience but always return your glance to the audience. While you answer one judge’s question, make eye contact with every judge, regardless of whether or not they were the ones who posed the question.

Etiquette: This is probably one of the most important phenomenon to master and remember. Be on your best. If someone annoys you; it’s bound to happen, carry yourself with class and turn the other cheek. Stand straight up, do not slouch. Always smile. Speak loudly, but do not scream or sound as though you are tense. Walk with your shoulders back and your head up.

Choose an appropriate talent: Knowing your weakness and strength puts you one-step ahead of the rest. Practice your talent way before the pageant so that you master it. This enables you to know if it is appropriate or not or if it is jaw dropping.

Outfit: Wear a gown that suits your style and age. Not to tight or too loose but strive to be comfortable. Poofy gowns are okay but go for something that shows your curves that is not too short or too long. Never grab your gown as you are walking.

Have fun: The best part of it all is to re member to have fun! You may never have the experience again so try your best to make memories. Do not be too caught up with the technicalities. Walk with a good flow and trust in yourself.

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