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Rwandan Woman Wins Party Elections In Norway

Leontine Umugiraneza, the Vice President of Rwandans Living in Norway (RDN) has been elected the leader of Ski Commune.

Shortly after her election, Umugiraneza attributed her victory to values and dignity that defines the Rwandan society wherever they live.

She said it is a big step Rwanda has made in the area of good governance for a Rwandan to be entrusted with the party leadership in another country, saying she was proud because the world saw the leadership potential in Rwandans


“I should celebrate my election to the biggest office in the Christian Democratic Party and I see this achievement as a significant step Rwanda has made in leadership for a Rwandan to be entrusted with political responsibilities on a foreign land.”

This, she said, “is a demonstration of trust and confidence people have in Rwandans,”

As to whether she will resign from the Vice President of Rwandan Diaspora Association, she said it was not about to happen because her election in CDP increases the visibility of the Rwandan diaspora in Norway that they have always worked hard to gain and her position in the party should be their pride.

Umugiraneza is an educationist and a mother of two children.

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