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Why is silence the best revenge?



Now, instead of reacting right away and getting back at them, sometimes it’s better to take a step back and stay quiet. That’s what we mean by “silence is the best revenge.”

When you choose to be silent, you’re not giving the person the reaction they want. They might expect you to get angry or upset, but instead, you stay calm and composed. It can make them realize that their actions didn’t affect you as much as they thought.

Silence can also protect you from getting caught up in drama or saying things you might regret later. It gives you time to process your emotions and decide how you want to handle the situation without getting into unnecessary arguments or conflicts.

Remember, being silent doesn’t mean you’re weak or powerless. It’s actually a sign of strength and self-control. It shows that you’re choosing not to engage in negativity and that you value your peace of mind more than getting back at someone.

Sometimes, silence can speak louder than words, and it might make the other person reflect on their actions. It’s a way of taking the higher road and focusing on your own well-being instead of getting caught up in revenge or negativity.

Of course, everyone’s situation is different, and sometimes speaking up and addressing the issue directly can also be important. But in some cases, when the best revenge is to protect your own peace and happiness, silence can be a powerful choice…

Author: Venzil Lawrence, BE in Computer Science Engineering, St. Joseph Engineering College, Mangalore

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