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Ugandan Doctors Kneel, Beg Museveni to Seek Re-election in 2026

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Ugandan doctors have pleaded with President Yoweri Museveni to seek re-election in the 2026 Presidential elections. Museveni will be 82 years then and has been president since 1986.

“Your Excellency [President Museveni], thank you. You have uplifted us (medical practitioners). We kneel before you after assessing that you are capable. We have assessed that you have the power. You have everything needed. Help us, and contest again in 2026, and take us ahead as you secure our future. We want Uganda to reach where God expects it to be,” said Samuel Oledo the president of Uganda Medical Association (UMA).

On Saturday, December 3, during a state function in Kampala, Oledo led medics to kneel before President Museveni, asking him to run for a seventh term in Uganda’s next elections.

However, UMA’s Vice-President Edith Nakku and the association’s Secretary-General Herbert Luswata have denounced Samuel Oledo’s actions saying they were his personal views and not of the medical association.

“Uganda Medical Association dissociates itself from any and all partisan political actions or acts, and it’s constitutionally required to do so,” said a statement signed by Nakku and Luswata.

UMA is a national body that brings together over 7, 000 Ugandan doctors to ensure their welfare and career needs are met by their employers.