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Rwandan Students to Pursue Careers At Nanyang Technological University

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Rwanda government has entered a partnership agreement with the Nanyang Technological University which will see Rwandan Students begin pursuing various courses at the institution.

The Nanyang Technological University established in 1991, is a national research university in Singapore offering undergraduate and postgraduate education in various disciplines both sciences and arts.

It is the second oldest autonomous university in the country and is considered as one of the most prestigious universities in the world by various international metrics.

President Paul Kagame witnessed the signing of the agreement at this institution where he was given a guided tour of the exhibition showcasing the university’s history over the last 30 years that have propelled it to become one of the top academic institutions globally.

Nanyang Technological University is a national research university in Singapore.

According to details, President Kagame delivered the Majulah Lecture and interacted with about 1000 participants in a session moderated by Prof. Subra Suresh, President of Nanyang Technological University.
“To most observers, all that Rwandans could aspire to, in the generation which followed that tragedy, was simply to survive. Charting a pathway to prosperity seemed like a preposterous dream. But our country has been fundamentally transformed for the better,” said President Kagame.

“Technology connects you to the wider world, especially young people. It helps build openness and curiosity. This was important for us, as we worked to overcome the divisions of the past,”Kagame added.

Later President Kagame concluded his visit at the institution
by planting the traditional Rwandan medicinal plant “Umukunde”. Known as Asam in Singapore, the tree represents versatility and resilience in pursuit of innovation and sustainability.

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