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Rwanda Police Seizes Smuggled Liquors Worth Frw50M

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The Rwanda National Police RNP Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime (ASOC) unit has seized assorted wines, spirits and beers in Gisenyi Sector, Rubavu District valued at about Frw50 million.

The wines and liquors including Hennessy, Moet, and Jameson were recovered on Wednesday, October 26, in a house located in Gisenyi town, Rubavu Cell, Munini Village.

Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Mucyo Rukundo, the Western Region Political and Civic Education Officer (RPCEO) said that one person was arrested over the alleged smuggling and fraud.

On Wednesday, October 26, at about 11p.m. in response to credible information on smuggled alcoholic beverages stored in a house in Gisenyi town; the ASOC team and the Regional Police Unit went to the said house where boxes of assorted wines, spirit and beers were recovered.

“Among them are 138 bottles of Hennessy, 120 bottles of Leffe beer, 96 bottles of Moet, 72 bottles of Bacardi, 72 bottles of Grand Marnier, 65 bottles of Jameson, 54 Sheridan’s, among others,” CIP Rukundo said.

Other wines and Whisky recovered include Glenfiddich, Absolut, Veuve Clicquot, and Double Black.

“One suspect identified as Mbarushimana Alias Danny, was arrested at the store. The second person said to be the rightful owner of the wines and liquors, identified as Gakwaya Silas, is still on the run,” CIP Rukundo added.

Mbarushimana told the Police that he was hired by Gakwaya to guard the house. He added that the goods were sneaked into Rwanda from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), at night.

Smuggling is punishable under the East African Community Management Act, which is applicable in Rwanda, which provides that seized smuggled goods under article 199, are auctioned.

A taxpayer, who commits fraud, is also subject to an administrative fine of one hundred percent (100%) of the evaded tax and a likely imprisonment of between six months and two years.