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Rwanda Defence Force Announces First Ever Liberation Cup Tournament To Mark 29th Liberation

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Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) announces first ever Liberation Cup Tournament to be culminated on 4th July 2023 as Rwanda will be marking the 29th Liberation Day (Kwibohora29).

After a successful 2022/2023 Inter Force Competition that was concluded on 31 January 2023, RDF Chief of Defence Staff, Gen Jean Bosco Kazura instructed the organisation of a Liberation Cup Tournament.

The tournament will be an RDF inter-force competition aiming to boost force morale and cohesion within RDF Units/formations as well as to celebrate the Liberation Day.

The Liberation Cup Tournament will also enhance social interaction with civilian population.

The competition will include three disciplines; Football, Basketball, and Volleyball.

The tournament will run from 1st May – 3rd July 2023 and will be organized in form of championship.

The competition will be composed of 20 teams from RDF Units/Formations divided into 4 groups.

Trophies, medals and awards will be handed over on 3rd July 2023 a day before the celebration of the Liberation.

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