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President Tshisekedi Gives Rwandan Envoy Karega 48hours To Exit DRC



Rwanda’s Ambassador has been expelled from Democratic Republic of Congo, according to local media reports President Félix Tshisekedi ordered Amb. Vincent Karega to leave the country in 48 hours.

“The Rwandan ambassador to the DRC, Vincent Karega, has 48 hours to leave the country, such is the decision of President Félix Tshisekedi at the end of a Higher Defense Council held this afternoon, after the capture of the cities. Kiwanja and Rutshuru-Centre by M23 rebels, supported by Kigal,” Politico a government leaning media outlet reported without any extra details.

On Saturday, the DRC Presidency twitted that President Tshisekedi had convened a Defence Council meeting which dwelled on national security in relation to the evolution of the security situation in the Eastern region of the country.

Meanwhile, government spokesman Patrick Muyaya said in a televised statement on Saturday evening, that Karega’s expulsion was “This is, in part, due to the persistence of (Karenga’s) country to attack the DRC and to support the M23 rebels.”

Higher Defense Council meeting was convened after the M23 rebels captured the town of Kiwanja in eastern Congo on Saturday, effectively cutting North Kivu’s capital Goma off from the upper half of the province.

According to witnesses, battle hardened M23 fighters entered the town without significant resistance after a short spat of gunfire on Saturday morning.

Congolese army contingent protecting the town had departed the previous day, residents said.

Ambassador Karega’s hush-hush expulsion from Kinshasa comes at a time President Tshisekedi fierce opponents have been pressing him to sever ties with Rwanda.

For example opposition leader Martin Madidi Fayulu has been demanding that the country sever diplomatic relations with Rwanda and denounces the plan to deploy to his country a military force from the countries of the Community of ‘East Africa.

In an interview with France 24 and RFI, Martin Fayulu, criticised the management of the crisis with Rwanda by President Tshisekedi.

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