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King Faisal Hospital New Management Says Services Better Now

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Six months after Oshen Healthcare, an Angolan multinational corporation, officially took over management of King Faisal Hospital, the hospital has released figures reflecting a significant improvement in service delivery.

The management of King Faisal shared the figures with Taarifa.

The main highlights of the first semester of 2017 in terms of activity, the hospital said, include, an increase in outpatient activity.

Statistically, there has been a 25% increase in cardiology consultations (873 consultations in the first six months of 2017 versus 1,324 in the entire year 2016), 17% in surgical area and over 10% in pediatrics (that went from having in 2016 an average 147 consultations per week to an average this first semester of 2017 of 167 consultations per week).

Dialysis service activity grew from an average occupation of 63% to 73%, serving an average 46 patients per week versus last year’s average of 39 patients per week.

Outpatient waiting lists have been reduced in all areas and brought down to zero in most specialties and average waiting time to access hospital services has also declined.

“As of today, there has been the participation of nine doctors in training events abroad and the hiring of four new foreign doctors, doubling the number of foreign doctors in the hospital,” says Diana Kaneza, the Senior Publicist of the hospital.

She told Taarifa that the six-month financial result represents an increase by over 80% versus the same period in 2016.

In Match 2017, the hospital announced that it had acquired a 128- slice CT scanner to improve diagnostic services in a timely and efficient manner and to minimise referrals outside the country. 

The new management is following closely the five-year development plan outlined in the agreement signed between the government of Rwanda and Oshen Healthcare. 

“During the first year, the main objective is to consolidate the existing offer of specialties, improve the management of the hospital at an operational level and start the refurbishment of the infrastructure,” Kaneza said in a statement.

Despite recent public judgments against Oshen Healthcare’s commitment with the King Faisal Hospital project, in the first six months as manager of the hospital Oshen Heathcare has not only made a significant investment but has also achieved the best operational results the hospital has ever had.

Oshen Healthcare says it is concerned with providing better health care in Rwanda and hopes the results of its great effort can be perceived in the shortest period of time.

King Faisal Hospital, wholly owned by the government of Rwanda signed a long term concession agreement with Oshen Healthcare Rwanda Limited to finance, refurbish, operate and maintain the hospital with the aim of turning it into a super speciality regional referral hospital.

Oshen Healthcare committed to invest a minimum of Euro 21 million in the first five years to meet the agreed performance standards. King Faisal Hospital Rwanda Limited retains the ownership of the Hospital assets.

The agreed arrangement is a performance based concession that shall be continuously evaluated using indicators such as; formulation of new centres of excellence, developing existing specialities, introduction of the latest technology, building local medical capacity, maintaining international hospital accreditation and increasing both national and regional access to the hospital.

Dr. Emile Rwamasirabo, the Chief Executive Officer of King Faisal Hospital (L) exchange documents with Carlos Malet OSHEN HEALTH CARE Managing Director earlier this year.



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