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King Charles III Wants ‘Shorter, Smaller Less Expensive’ Ceremonies

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King Charles III is said to have already shared his thoughts on how his coronation ceremony should go. He wants his coronation to be ‘shorter, smaller and less expensive’ than his mother’s.

According to details, It’s thought the service could be held on June 2, next year – the 70th anniversary of Her Majesty’s crowning.

‘Operation Golden Orb’, which is the name given to the planning of Charles’s coronation, is already underway and the King is expected to use it as a chance to stamp his mark on the monarchy.

Sources have revealed they expect the ceremony to be ‘shorter, smaller and less expensive’ than that which saw his mother crowned Queen in 1953, although it would also include a celebration of her life.

This would be a way to show the public and the world how his ‘slimmed down monarchy’ will work going forward, as well as being considerate of the ongoing cost of living crisis that is gripping the nation.

Since her passing Charles has attended numerous royal functions in his role as the new king, visiting all four nations of the UK, hosting world leaders at Buckingham Palace and leading his family during Monday’s funeral events.

After the Queen’s death at Balmoral Castle earlier this month, Operation Golden Orb swung into action to help plan her son’s coronation.

While Her Majesty had to wait 16 months for her own inauguration in 1953, Charles’s is expected to take place in a much shorter timeframe.

The waiting time will not be the only difference, with the King set to ask for a less expensive and vastly scaled-down affair at Westminster Abbey than the one his mother had.

When she was crowned in June 1953, it was a lavish ceremony that was a much-needed morale boost for a nations starved of pageantry by the war. It is thought to have cost £1.57million at the time, which is around £45million today.



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