kina Rwanda Launches “Play Coners” For School Children

By Staff Writer

Kina Rwanda in partnership with Our past Initiative and 63 Inc have officially opened their “play corners” in Ngeruka sector, Bugesera district.

The opening ceremony was held on Wednesday January 25, 2023. Children of all ages were able to come together in high spirits to experience  the benefits of learning through play.

A play corner refers to a space where a child can play, either spontaneously or directed by an adult, both individually and in a group.

With these corners, children can engage in physical play while learning valuable life skills and developing a sense of teamwork and coordination to benefit them now and in the future.

The corners also help in broadening of learning through play for children. Kina Rwanda and its partners interacted with students from Ngeruka Primary School as they worked in groups to win various competitive and mind challenging and physical games. 

As children engage in these activities they develop a sense of identity and learn about different perspectives in order to practice inclusivity.

Play corners bring happiness as a tool of intellect and learning too.

Students also learn important life skills such as sharing, fairness, and taking turns which presents opportunities to develop a sense of identity.

Kina Rwanda officials thanked local authorities for their support to the initiative and taking part in the construction and opening of more play corners.

“We truly value the time and effort all parties invested to make this dream a reality as we ensure the younger generation are fit and well equipped both mentally and physically to thrive in the game of life as open minded solution creators,” said Malik Shaffy Lizinde, the Country Director of Kina Rwanda said.

He added that physical play is an essential part of child development, helping kids build self-confidence, social skills, and self-esteem.As children who engage in physical play are learning valuable life skills and developing a sense of teamwork and coordination which benefits them for a lifetime. 

“Playing games that involve physical activity not only helps children burn off energy, but also promotes healthy muscle and bone growth,” Lizinde added. “A child develops a love for fitness and sets the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits.”

It is believed that children develop leadership skills as they play and work in groups, which encourages them to think strategically, which will be beneficial to them in the future.

Sharing, fairness, and taking turns are all important life skills that children can learn and practice by playing games with others.

Playing games with others is a great way children build friendships, learn to negotiate and manage conflicts while developing a sense of belonging.

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