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Kigali to Host World Coffee Producers Forum III



Rwanda is preparing to host the third edition of World Coffee Producers Forum scheduled for February 13-14 at the Kigali Convention Center.

This will be an inperson forum after Covid-19 resctrictions have been drastically eased. The 3rd meeting of the WCPF follows the previous ones in Medellín, Colombia in 2017, and in Campinas, Brazil in 2019.

The forum seeks to attract impressive group of experts, coffee producers from across the globe and sector captains including government officials. It also tags along wide media coverage and international attention.

Focus of the 3rd Forum will be to secure the future of a coffee sector where coffee producers are prosperous, and coffee production is sustainable with the creation of National Coffee Sustainability Plans, which will help producing countries design and implement comprehensive coffee policies.

“It is necessary for the whole value chain to work together to create the necessary conditions or structure for farmers’ prosperity, because currently, these conditions are not enough for producers to achieve a living income,” says Juan Esteban Orduz, the President of Colombian Coffee Federation and Chairperson of WCPF.

According statistical data on previous editions, the first Forum held in Medellín, Colombia in 2017, brought together over 1,400 producers, industry representatives, government officials, multilateral agencies, and non-profits hailing from more than 40 coffee-producing countries.

The second Forum held in Campinas, Brazil in 2019, gathered over 1,500 equally diverse and wide-reaching attendees.


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