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Hanga Pitchfest Comes Back, Edition 2

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Hanga Pitchfest is back for its second edition, where the potential startups whose innovation contributes to the country’s vision to use technology to deliver services will be awarded cash prizes organizers have disclosed.

The top start-up will bag away US$50,000 and US$200,000 for the first runner-up and US$15000 for the first runner up respectively.

In addition, the fourth and fifth runner-ups will be awarded up to US$12,500 each.

The second edition follows a successful inauguration that was held in December 2021 where Afruduino Ltd, Second Life Storage, Afri-Farmers Market, BAG innovation, and Karisimbi Tech Solution emerged as the top 5 companies amongst more than 200 applications.

President Paul Kagame attended the awarding ceremony and lauded the initiative encouraging the youth to contribute to the country’s development by tapping more into technology and research

“The most successful start-ups are rooted in science or research and technology. In all advanced economies, eventually, which we want ours to be, the linkages between universities and entrepreneurship are deep and productive.

In Africa, it’s not going to be any different. I would wish the finalists great success going forward. You have all our full support, including those who didn’t succeed, we want them to succeed next time,” Kagame said.

Organized by the Ministry of ICT and Innovation and the Rwanda Development Board, Hanga Pitchfest aims to provide a unique platform to showcase tech entrepreneurs and creative talents from all over Rwanda and promote the use of technology and innovation in the wider Rwandan market.

“The top start-ups will be identified through a call of applications, a national roadshow “Hanga on the Road” and boot camps to identify the 5 top start-ups pitching for US$110,000 worth of grant money in total and additional non-cash prizes at the festival to be held on December 10, 2022.”

The organizers further explained the “cash prizes will be disbursed to help further develop their prototypes, support go-to-market strategies and increase capacity to scale. Also, the business-enabling prizes, ranging from business development will also be awarded through the support of the development partners.”

To complement the final pitch competition on 10th December 2022, Hanga Pitchfest will also include exhibitions from technology companies, start-ups, and support organizations as well as master classes and live performances.

“Tech-entrepreneurs and creative talents from all over the country are encouraged to apply from September 9th to October 17th, 2022,” the organizer’s statement further reported.



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