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A New Form Of Religious Obsession Within Us


In this 21st Century, religion has become the epicenter of world events. Never at any other time in human history was religion on so many lips or pre -occupied the minds of many. Religion gives electronic and print media a buzz. The entire global politics is divided into religious spectrum. For example, there is a rise in religious fanatics, wreaking havoc around the world, even in places where such activities were previously unknown.

Amidst all the religious hullaballoo the free thinking movement (agnostic) is on the rise with their high intellect and atheistic principles. They also want to have their say on these entire religious God-seeking pursuits. They are predominantly young and male in the middle to upper class folks. They have read a lot of religious work and studied organized religion and its secrets and reduced it all to a “drug” opium of the masses.

As much as the ranks of religious grow and swell every other day with mixed classes of society according to the social food chain, the free thinker`s movement is hardly visible and it is now a taboo for them to air out their views in public. Proselytizing is restricted mainly to social media, which the masses of our poor folk don’t access.

Owing to the growing social division as well as growing consumerist culture in our countries, no one within the lower class no matter how disillusioned they would be with organized religion would dare join the elitist atheist movement.

They simply withdraw sulking and they are bitter about their experience at the hands of their former tormentors and exploiters; the religious charlatans who occupy every space within our towns and cities.

There is another body of thinkers within the religious movement, former blind sheep who were fully devoted to the goats on the pulpit, always contented with the crumbs they were fed by these modern day Pharisees.

In one day they got their big break and renounced the movement or the cult or sect, they had seen the light. And today they are fighting and warning of the excesses and dangers within their former organizations but sadly, many in the movement are so heavily indoctrinated and don’t get time to think things over, they are too wrapped up in their churchianity.

Many are too busy going to pray at the shrines like Kibeho and others are in the valleys (Kanyarira), but still others go on pilgrimage to the holy land or neighboring countries.

Jesus discouraged the Samaritans from these practices he said don’t go to worship in Jerusalem or Samaria do this “worship God in spirit and in truth.”

Truth that many who claim him reject as long as it contradicts their views on what they think is right, since they assume the gospel originates from them, and they have the last say in matters to do with godliness, because they know the unknowable.

The formerly simple believers transitioned to religious whistle blowers and free thinkers are not the only ones calling out on this gravy train but many other activists have made it their duty to enlighten, those under the yoke of the great deception, which is gripping our societies.

Poverty and ignorance is the fuel that feeds this beast, that has trampled hap less souls in its wake.

Let us embrace this truth that can save us from this beast and not the lies that drives us into its arms.


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