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US Worried China May Send Lethal Weapons To Russia

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Vladimir Putin and Wang Yi

China’s top diplomat Wang Yi on Wednesday arrived in Moscow, Russia where he held talks with President Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Putin said during a meeting with Wang Yi that cooperation between Beijing and Moscow was important to “stabilize the international situation.”

Their meeting comes as China is trying to appear as a mediator and is expected to reveal its own “political solution” to the Ukraine conflict this week.

Beijing has sought to position itself as a neutral party while maintaining close ties with its ally Russia.

But Washington and NATO have said they are concerned China may be preparing to send arms and ammunition to help Russia pursue its campaign in Ukraine.

“With the Russian side, we are ready to strengthen our strategic partnership and our in-depth cooperation,” Wang Yi told Putin, according to a Russian translation of his statement.

China’s top diplomat insisted the partnership between the two countries was “not directed against any third country and does not give in to pressure.”

Earlier he met with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.

“Despite the high turbulence on the world stage, we are demonstrating our solidarity and the readiness to defend each other’s interests based on the respect for international law and the central role of the United Nations,” Lavrov said.

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