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Unknown Gunmen Shoot Monusco Chopper, 1 Dead

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A helicopter belonging to the UN stabilization mission in Congo (Monusco) was hit by unknown gunmen while flying from Beni to Goma on Sunday.

“A Monusco helicopter which took off from Beni this Sunday afternoon bound for Goma came under fire which resulted in the death of one of the crew members and seriously injured another peacekeeper. The aircraft nevertheless managed to land in Goma”, Monusco said after the incident.

Monusco said it condemns a “cowardly attack” and considers it a “war crime”.

Additionally monusco said it “will spare no effort in agreement with the Congolese authorities so that the perpetrators of this heinous act are brought to justice”.

Despite spraying bullets against the chopper which resulted in the death of one blue helmet and the injury of the other, Monusco said that the helicopter managed to land at Goma International airport.

Meanwhile, no armed group has claimed responsibility of the attack.

Early this Monday morning, intense fighting again erupted between DRCM troops and M23 rebels in the Kamuronza group, in the Bahunde chiefdom, Masisi territory, North Kivu province.

According to eye witness accounts, the M23 rebels launched the attack with the aim of cut the Goma-Sake road to the FARDC.

They have, in fact, bypassed the positions of the army in Virunga Park, attest anonymous sources.

Heavy weapon fire was heard in Virunga Park where the rebels came up against FARDC resistance.

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