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Rwanda Collected US$260M From Agricultural Exports In 2022

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Rwanda’s Revenues from the exportation of all agricultural exports totaled US$260 million, indicating a

64.1% increase over the second quarter of fiscal year 2021/2022, when revenues totaled US$158.5 million, according to the National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB) results of agro-exports for the second quarter of fiscal year 2022/2023.

The consolidated report covers data for agricultural commodity production, export quantities, and revenue generated from October through December 2022.

Traditional commodity export revenues rose by 45.9% to USD 93,043,213 in the second quarter

of fiscal year 2022/2023, while non-traditional export commodities increased by 76.3% to US$

167 million.

Coffee exports increased by 73%, tea exports increased by 5.9%, while pyrethrum exports

declined by 11.4%. Horticulture commodity revenues increased by 84.4%, with vegetable and

fruit export values increasing by 175.6% and 76%, respectively. However, as a result of the

ongoing political conflict between Russia and Ukraine, both of which are important buyers of

flowers, flower export volumes and revenues have plummeted (24% and 41.8%, respectively).

Export revenues from cereals and grains increased by 67%, accounting for 19.7% of overall

agro-export revenues.

The increase in exports and re-exports is related to the current economic recovery, in which most

economic activities have resumed, with more mobility of people and goods in the region and

outside, enabling for trade at the globe level.

Tea, coffee, fruits, and vegetables unit prices are also rising, contributing to the achieved good export performance in comparison to the same period in 2021.

NAEB also released a new farm-gate price for silk cocoons at the start of the same quarter, which

increased from Frw3,040 to Frw3,200, as results of the silk industry recovery worldwide.

The price that arrived with the new season of cocoon production helps farmers lessen the challenges

that the sector has faced since the Covid-19 pandemic breakout.

NAEB appreciates all stakeholders’ contributions to this performance and predicts continued

growth in the agricultural export market as the global economy continues to open up.

NAEB’s Chief Executive Officer, Claude BIZIMANA said, “We are glad that the agro-export industry makes a substantial contribution to job creation and retention in addition to other prospects. We will build on this quarter’s great performance by exploring for new and inventive methods to keep Rwanda’s agribusiness environment adaptive and competitive while piquing the interest of international markets.”

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