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Russia’s Human Rights Council Members Warned Against Upsetting President Putin

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is scheduled to meet members of the Presidential Human Rights Council (HRC) on Wednesday.

The meeting takes place every year but this time there are issues the Human Rights Council members have been forbidden from raising while meeting this powerful President.

Among the topics that should not be raised are the execution of a prisoner recruited by the Wagner PMC, the application of the law on “fakes” and other topics that in one way or another relate to events at the front.

As in the “pandemic” year 2021, it will be held in an online format, as Alexander Brod, a member of the HRC , said .

This is a meeting of a renewed council: in November, the most consistent opponents of the war in Ukraine were expelled from its membership and replaced with supporters, for example, military commissar Oleksandr Kots.

To replace thorny questions, a number of HRC members have suggested topics that the president would be “pleased to talk about.”

Among them are the state of the environment, sanctions against Russians in the West and the abolition of Russian culture, refugee problems, questions about volunteering, and legislation banning LGBT propaganda.

In recent years, the topics raised at the President’s meetings with members of the Human Rights Council have become less and less acute.

This was especially influenced by the appointment in 2019 of Valery Fadeev as the head of the council instead of Mikhail Fedotov, the interlocutors of Layout agreed.

If in 2017, at a meeting with Putin, council members discussed pardoning political prisoners, freedom of assembly, and even a “campaign to persecute dissidents” in Russia, then in 2021 they talked about the introduction of QR codes in public transport, migration policy, and protecting the rights of citizens in digital environment.