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President Tshisekedi Hints On Toppling ‘Kigali Regime’



President Félix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo has expressed his desire to remove the Kigali regime and blamed the Rwandan leadership for problems in his country.

The angry Congolese leader currently faced with resistance from the M23 movement rebellion made the remarks on Saturday while addressing over 250 youths drawn from the 26 provinces of the DRC.

Tshisekedi who has persistently blamed Rwanda of aiding the M23 rebels without providing evidence, told the Youth gathered at Cité de l’AU that Kigali was advancing hegemonic ambitions in DRC.

“About Rwanda, it is useless to look at Rwanda as an enemy. No, it is the Rwandan regime, with President Paul Kagame at its head, which is the enemy of the DRC”, said President Tshisekedi.

“Rwandans are our brothers and sisters. And, moreover, they need our help, because they are muzzled, to free them. They need our solidarity to rid us and rid Africa of these kinds of retrograde leaders who bring back the methods of the 60s and 70s”, said Tshisekedi.

Tshisekedi also told the young Congolese that they belong to “a blessed Nation endowed with great potential for which some countries are creating problems for it to access it with “brutality”, while seeking to divide the Congolese”.

Meanwhile, President Tshisekedi who has failed to achieve most of the promises in his previous campaign manifesto, especially getting rid of armed groups in Eastern DRC, is warming up to seek a second term.

General elections are expected to be held in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on 20 December 2023 according to the electoral calendar released 26 November 2022 by the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI). 

Simultaneous elections will be held for the President, the 500 members of the National Assembly, the elected members of the 26 provincial assemblies, and, for the first time under the new constitution, members of around 300 commune (municipal) councils.

President Tshisekedi whose leadership has repeatedly forced angry Congolese youth onto the streets demanding for his resignation due to mismanaging the security crisis in the East, will seek to court the youth to vote for him next year.

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