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New UK Prime Minister Sunak Supports Deportation Of Asylum Seekers to Rwanda



The controversial project to deport asylum seekers from Britain to Rwanda will not stagnate as the new Prime Minister is a strong supporter of this project.

Sunak said it would stop ‘an illegal set of criminal gangs who were causing people to die in pursuit of coming here’. He said Britain has ‘a proud history of welcoming people but it’s also vital that we’re in control of who’s coming here’. He pledged to cap the number of refugees and make the Rwanda plan work.

This Tuesday Liz Truss is gathering her Cabinet one last time, and will quit after a disastrous 49 days at the helm of the country.

She will then head for Buckingham Palace to tender her resignation to King Charles, before being replaced by Rishi Sunak.

The new PM will then give his own address to the nation from outside No10, and turn his mind to forming his first Cabinet. Aides have insisted Mr Sunak will create a ‘big tent’ rather than only promoting his allies as Ms Truss did.

Rishi Sunak told MPs yesterday that he wanted his government to represent the ‘views and opinions’ from across the Conservative Party.

Rishi Sunak is vowing to create a ‘big tent’ Cabinet today.Aides have insisted Mr Sunak will not repeat the mistakes of his predecessor Liz Truss by stuffing the top echelons of government with his allies.

Mr Sunak will be the country’s first non-white premier, and at 42 the youngest since the Napoleonic Wars.

Truss has congratulated Mr Sunak on his ‘appointment’ this afternoon, saying he had her ‘full support’.

Mr Sunak received public backing from over 190 Tory MPs – well over half the total – racking up more numbers as prominent supporters of Mr Johnson jumped on the bandwagon.

Mr Sunak’s leadership victory caps a political journey that began seven years ago when he replaced William Hague in his Yorkshire seat at the 2015 election.

Mr Sunak only got his first ministerial job four years ago but became Chancellor of the Exchequer aged 39 in 2020.

From troubled health sector to migration, the new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will attempt to wrestle back control of country and the Tory party amid a rising tide of issues including soaring inflation, energy prices and mortgage rates.

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