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Ndayishimiye Summons Government Officials to Crisis Retreat

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The growing insider opposition to the administration of President Evariste Ndayishimiye has pushed him to summon government officials into a 2-day (October 5-7) retreat to address some of the challenges.

According to Ntare Rushatsi House or simply the Presidents office, this national retreat is being held behind closed doors in Gitega, the political capital city.

At this secretive meeting with government officials, President Ndayishimiye has directed Loyal Ministers to crack down on the actions of certain officials who are resistant to the radical changes that the Government wishes to make in public administration.

According to Ndayishimiye, his administration wishes to focus its action on rapid, tangible and lasting results in all areas of national life. New strategies are being studied in order to accelerate the implementation of socio-economic development policies initiated by the Government

President Ndayishimiye has called on the new members of the government to manage public affairs as a good father. He insists on the protection of the interests of the population, respect for the law and the fight against all forms of impunity in Burundi.

Exactly one month ago, some senior leaders were plotting to oust President Evariste Ndayishimiye.

“Do you think an army general can be threatened by saying they will make a coup d’état? Who is that? Whoever it is should come and in the name of God I will defeat him,” Mr Ndayishimiye warned.

Prime Minister Alain Guillaume Bunyoni was the main man allegedly behind the plot to oust his boss. Video clips circulated on social media showing Bunyoni lamenting about “individuals who are backbiting” instead of telling things straight away.

The clips raised concerns of a possible feud between the Prime Minister and the President due to a power struggle.

Bunyoni was quickly fired from his job and replaced by a more loyal official.

“I want to tell those who think they are powerful to be humble…there is one I saw…in Burundi, there will never be any coup d’état again and God is the witness…those who wish bad things for Burundi, they should prepare for defeat,” the Burundian leader and army general warned.

Burundi has witnessed three coups, two presidential assassinations, in addition to the failed coup in 2015 that plunged the country into deadly unrest.