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Kinshasa Investigates UPDF Role in Battle For Kiwanja Town



Kinshasa government announced on Tuesday that it has launched an investigation into the Uganda’s military involvement with the M23 rebels in the battle that led to seizure of Kiwanja town on Saturday.

Patrick Muyaya, spokesperson for the Kinshasa regime made the announcement during a weekly press briefing that government is in the process of “tracing” whether Uganda participated in the last events in the eastern part of the country.

According to him civil society in Rutshuru on Thursday reported that the fierce fighting pitted the FARDC against the Rwandan and “Uganda” Armies in Kibaya not far from the Busanza Group, in Matebe, Buhuri, and Nyesisi and caused the massive displacement of people.

Muyaya said that the DRC military intelligence services are investigating the involvement or not of Uganda in the latest events in Rutshuru.

“What you need to know, we are operating with Uganda in a clear way in Beni, against ADF terrorists. We waited for information in this direction, saying that there would have been involvement of the Ugandan army in the latest events, these facts are being traced,“ said Patrick Muyaya.

Uganda’s involvement is under scrutiny. “When the time comes, as soon as the details are ready, we can give you the government’s position on this,” insisted Patrick Muyaya.

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