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Kenya’s President Ruto Pushes AU to End Coups In Africa

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West African states including Mali, Guinea, and Burkina Faso have in the past three years suffered Coup d’états plunging the region into a devastating security situation.

President William Ruto of Kenya has asked the African Union to take bold steps to address issues of Coups, terrorism and violent extremism.

“We need to review of our existing instruments to address unconstitutional changes of government in order to address the resurgence of this scourge,” said President Ruto.

President Ruto made the remarks on Sunday in Addis Ababa, during during presentation of report on the activities of the Peace and Security Council and State of Peace in Africa.

He said no region has not been affected by insecurity challenges,

The President noted that a number of challenges continue to undermine spirited efforts by Member States to re-establish State authority in conflict- affected areas

He called for concerted efforts in containing the sutuation, noting that development would be elusive in areas where there is no peace and stability.

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