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Kenya’s Deputy President Drinks From River Begs God To Intervene

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Rigathi Gachagua, Kenya’s Deputy President chose to drink water from a river flowing from Mount Kenya and begged God to intervene in the country’s problems.

“I pray for the boychild. Our boys are troubled by alcoholism, unemployment, and drug abuse. I pray that God touches the hearts of those who sell drugs to our children and make them stop.”

“I pray that you deliver Kenyan families from cancer. Families are devastated. Cancer has become a challenge for Kenyans. Families are left financially and emotionally devastated. I pray that you heal us from cancer because people are crying and in distress. Dry our tears and hear our prayers.”

“I know God has heard my prayer,” DP Gachagua says.

Gachagua’s prayer came on the sidelines of the Inaugural Retreat for government officials at the footsteps of Mount Kenya.

President William Ruto on Friday summoned Cabinet and Senior Ranks of the Executive for a retreat at Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club, Laikipia County.

The President said any administration should ensure the existence of checks and balances and his administration is ready to be subject to accountability and oversight so as to realize if it was heading in the right direction before it is too late.

“I have called this retreat so that we can have a meeting of minds and agree on the priorities that are listed in our manifesto and to explain to each and every one of us of the enormous responsibilities and expectations by the people of Kenya in our administration. We must deliver as one government and everyone has a mandate,” Dr Ruto said.

“Do not hold the people of Kenya hostage by allowing files to pile on your desk. Each and every one of us must clear their desk. As we carry out this huge responsibility that is on our shoulders, we must know that we have a contract with the people of Kenya,” he added.

He tasked the Executive to work hard and efficiently to the people of Kenya without any bias.

“The people of Kenya went to the ballot and signed a contract with me and I share it with each and every one of you. On the ballot, there was the name of Rigathi Gachagua and William Ruto and they signed off and we have a contract. It might not be written in any paper unlike the letter of appointment you have. My letter of appointment I received on August 9,” Dr Ruto said.

“That letter of appointment has responsibilities and they are solemn and sacred. My request to you, members of my Cabinet, is that we must protect the interests and resources of the millions of the people of Kenya who pay tax. Those Kenyan people have hired you through me and we are their servants and advocates and that is why we must protect their interests in all our transactions. We must carry their aspirations and must be reflected in every action in government,” the President said.

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