Kenya to Build Superhighway of internet Across Cities, Towns

By Staff Writter

President William Ruto has said that his government is scheduled to build over 100,000km of superhighway of internet across cities, towns and across the country.

According to the ambitious President Ruto, this new plan is aimed at digitalising all government services and making them accessible from home.

Ruto said, at the moment, only 15 per cent of services were being offered digitally with the remainder set to be realized soon.

“It will soon be possible for Kenyans to access government services from the comfort of their homes using the internet,” he said.

He made the remarks on Monday during the 59th Jamhuri day celebrations at Nyayo Stadium in the capital Nairobi. Today’s Jamhuri celebrations is themed around Technology and Digital Economy as Kenya looks to tap into the digital space.

Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin congragulated President Ruto on the Jamhuri day celebrations and hailed the Kremlin’s relations with Kenya as “traditionally friendly”.

“I am convinced that their further development in various spheres meets the fundamental interests of Russian and Kenyan peoples and is in line with strengthening stability and security on the African continent,” Putin said.

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