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DRC Opposition Leader Claims War in Kivu is ‘Comedy’

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Congolese opposition politician Martin Fayulu has claimed that the ongoing war in Eastern Congo is a “comedy” being played on the backs of Congolese and Rwandans.

The controversial Fayulu who lost to President Felix Tshisekedi in the last election made the remarks during a press briefing on Thursday in the capital Kinshasa.

He accuses President Félix Tshisekedi of maintaining disharmony in the military chain of command by the incomprehensible deployment on the ground of twenty generals regarding the war in North Kivu province.

As proof, Martin Fayulu insisted on recalling that in June 2021, Tshisekedi had complained that he had been lied to about the number of 21,000 soldiers in operation in Beni territory when in reality there were less than a third.

Also, he said that it had been revealed that until August 18, 2021, i.e. the 3rd month of the establishment of what he describes as a “useless” state of siege in Ituri and North Kivu, that at least U$74 million had been released for this purpose, of which 68% had been consumed by the various staffs in Kinshasa.

“The war in the eastern part of our country must stop being a business!”said Martin Fayulu.

According to him President Tshisekedi allegedly agreed with Rwanda, “a reliable partner”, to precipitate, without the consent of the Congolese, the accession of the DRC to the EAC, on March 29, 2022 .

“Curiously, two and a half months later, on June 13, 2022, the Rwandan army, once again using the M23 label, began its crusade in our localities and villages in North Kivu. It is worth recalling that at that time the FARDC were contradicted by Mr. Tshisekedi and his government as to the presence of the Rwandan army on our soil. We know that the deputies and senators have several times questioned the Chief of Staff and the Minister of Defense on the subject, but the latter seem not to be very aware of what is happening,” he claimed without substantiating.

Fayulu accused the two partners (Kinshasa and Kigali) of playing a “comedy” on the backs of the Congolese and Rwandan peoples.

“The obvious lack of support from organizations such as the AU, SADC, ECCAS and the ICGLR and therefore the isolation of our country can only be justified by the weakness of Congolese diplomacy and the absence of a leadership conscious of the stakes. Even while the DRC held the presidency of the AU, ECCAS and SADC, it failed to bring these organizations to condemn Rwanda,” he suggested.

For Fayulu, under these conditions, it is difficult for anyone to come to the aid of a State which refuses to declare war against its aggressor in accordance with the Constitution and international law, which refuses to close its borders with the same aggressor and to break diplomatic relations with the latter, a State which refuses to provide its army with the necessary means and which cannot mobilize the people as one man against this aggression.

“This complicity is detrimental to the Nation and clearly exposes it to its loss. We are aware that war is part of the history of humanity. However, it requires state officials to have the intellectual, psychological, emotional and philosophical attitudes and skills necessary to condition and impact both the military front and the population as a whole,” he said.

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