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DRC Importing More Beef & Cereals From Rwanda

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Despite the ongoing diplomatic tension between Kinshasa and Kigali, the two countries are deeply trading with each other.

According to statistics released by Rwanda’s Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB), DRC is sourcing more cereals, animal products, flour and tubers from Rwanda.

Last week alone (Jan, 7 – 13), DRC purchased from Rwanda; Cereals, grains & flour valued at U$2,103,638, Animal products worth U$207,552, Roots & tubers totalling U$247,729,Pulses worth U$D287,920, Oleaginous worth U$3,400 and other agro products valued at U$124,437.

Meanwhile, Tea continues to dominate the largest share of Rwanda’s cash crops abroad.

In their weekly data reporting, NAEB said Rwandan tea exports for last week were 515.8MT valued at U$1,448,170 shipped to Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Egypt, and the UK.

The board also reported that volume of coffee shipped out of the country was 28.5MT worth U$177,130 sold at an average Price: U$6.2/Kg. This was shipped out to UK, USA, South Korea, and Australia.

Rwandan horticultural (fruits, vegetables & flowers) exports for last week fetched a total of U$614,594 from 333.6MT and shipped out to DRC, UAE, Germany, UK, and The Netherlands.

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