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DRC Catholic Church Calls For Nationwide Protest Agaist Rwanda

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The influential Catholic Church in DRC has mobilised congolese across the vast country to pour out onto the streets to protest against Rwanda.

According to details revealed by the congolese catholic church, the protests are scheduled for Sunday December 4 throughout the country.

Kinshasa continues to blame Rwanda for supporting the M23 rebellion in Eastern part of the country even when there is no evidence that Kigali could be involved. Rwanda has repeatedly rejected the accusations and also blamed Kinshasa for their support to FDLR terrorist organisation.

Dénis Mukwege, Nobel Peace Prize 2018 has also sided with the Catholic church and asked congolese people to “denounce the unjustly imposed war”.

“We call on all Congolese to respond massively to CENCO’s call by marching tomorrow throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo to denounce the war unjustly imposed on us. Congolese compatriots! Let’s get up and walk, no one will do it for us! said the 2014 Sakharov Prize laureate.

In its communication of November 27, the Archdiocese of Kinshasa announced the distribution of rallying points, drop-off points as well as the different routes of a total of 15 groups subdivided in relation to the deaneries.

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