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Coffee Exports Fetched U$2million in 3rd Week Of October- NAEB

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Woman Harvesting Tea at a plantation in remote Rwanda. Much of Rwanda tea is shipped to Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and the United Kingdom

The National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB) reported Monday that Coffee exports last week raked in a total of U$2,032,245.

Official government data indicates that the country shipped out 271.9 Metric Tons of coffee destined for Poland, UK, USA, Switzerland, and France.. According to sales, average pricing was U$7.5/Kg.

Rwanda has a national coffee production targets ranging from 267, 000 to 420,000 bags per year.

Rwanda Coffee farmers’ federation in 2020 secured Rwf60 million (US$556,000) funding for adoption of internationally accepted coffee packaging bags from Bangladesh part of a sustainable plan that will enable farmers to expand their coffee export market.

Meanwhile, Data for Tea exports for last week shows that 334.6Metric Tons were exported valued at U$978,704 shipped to Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and the United Kingdom.

For horticultural (fruits, vegetables & flowers) exports last week, NAEB said the country shipped out 523.4Metric Tons fetching U$653,393. Major destinations of these horticultural products include, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, UAE, and DRC.

Other agri-export products ranging from Animal products (U$251,544), Cereals, grains & flour (U$1,686,545), Roots & tubers (U$147,340), Oleaginous crops(U$1,499,536), Pulses (U$48,079) and others (U$309,850). These were destined to DRC, Qatar, & Ethiopia.

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