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68KM Nzove-Ruli-Gakenke Road Promised By Kagame In 2017 Is No Where To Be Seen



A dilapidated road of Nzove-Ruli-Gakenke linking three districts of Nyarugenge, Rulindo, and Gakenke, has been in the press and on social media for the past whole week.

Taarifa has learnt that local authorities are under pressure to explain reasons why it has not be contructed yet President Paul Kagame promised residents during his campaign trail in 2017 that he would ensure the road is fixed the soonest possible.

The failure to deliver on the President’s promise is a political cost that someone has to account for. In other dimensions, it can be seen as a deliberate sabotage.

Imena Munyampenda, the Director General of Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA), told local press last week that there are no funds for the 68km road, even when it had been planned that works begin June 2022.

He said, however, that the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Finance have agreed to find the funds and construction works to begin as soon as possible.

Emmanuel Asaba Katabarwa, the City Engineer, during a session where the City of Kigali was addressing public concerns, revealed that the road will be paved under next year’s budget.

In 2019, Prime Minister, Dr. Ngirente Edouard, during his outreach program, visited Gakenke district to assess progress on development projects.

He was told this road would be fixed as soon as possible, yet Rwf10 billion had already been spent and only poor engineering works such as drainage would be seen.

He instructed that the road be fixed immediately. Nothing else has been done since then.

Meanwhile, residents complain of contracting respiratory diseases due to dusty filled air during dry seasons.

Some of the residents reported having chronic flu and cough due to too much dust on the road.

The road is one of the local busiest roads in the country that are used by heavy trucks transport goods such as beverages, food and industrial supplies.

Until President Kagame instructs someone or fires someone, it seems this is going to remain a blame game at the moment and no paved road to expect for now.

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