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4th Phase of ‘Shujaa’ Operation Against ADF Successful

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Colonel Mike Hazukay, the spokesperson for the special operation against the ADF rebels in DRC has said the allied forces have inflicted heavy blows to the enemy.

He made the remarks on Saturday while briefing both local and international media at a press conference.

According to him, several enemy strongholds have already been recovered by the two armies during these operations.

The joint forces have used mostly aerial bombardment which has deeply degraded the enemy, “led to an enormous loss in the camp of the attackers”.

However, Colonel Mike Hazukay did not take stock of ADF rebels neutralized so far. For him, it is a bad strategy on which the enemy bases himself to take revenge against the innocent civilian population.

Aerial bombardments enabled the two armies, he reveals, to take control of certain areas occupied by the enemy.

“ADF recorded several losses in their camp and are now wandering. We cannot communicate the number, but know that many have lost their lives in this forest”, insists Colonel Hazukay.

The spokesperson for operations also specifies that a training camp for new recruits (the escapees from Kakwangura) has also been recovered.

“The enemy is trying to protect these escapees against bombardments,” he adds before welcoming the collaboration of the population which allows the troops to fight with force in depth.

“We sincerely want to thank the population for the uneventful reception of the Ugandan troops. If we continue on this path, little by little peace will be a reality”, he rejoiced.

While recalling that the current actions of the enemy, is a consequence of the strikes suffered. He indicates that the 4th phase of the “Shujaa” operations has started successfully.

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