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Owners Of Hospitality Facilities Urged To Install Security Gadgets


Owners Of Hospitality Facilities Urged To Install Security Gadgets

Rwanda National Police (RNP), yesterday, held separate meetings with owners and managers of hospitality facilities and private security service providers operating in Musanze and Rubavu districts, and urged them to take “precaution” and ensure “maximum security” of their premises.

The meeting, which started in Kigali mid last month, will continue in all districts across the country. It is aimed at strengthening security measures especially in facilities that receive many people on daily basis.

While addressing the two groups in the service industry including owners of hotels, restaurants, lodges and Guest Houses, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Jean Nepo Mbonyumuvunyi, the Commissioner for Private Security Service Providers in RNP, said that security should equally be at the core of their services.

He urged them to install scanners, CTV cameras and fire extinguishers and alarms to facilitate in monitoring of their facilities and help security organs in case of inquiries on certain incidents.

ACP Mbonyuvunyi also advised them to employ trained and professional private security service providers.

It is said that some owners of hospitality facilities employ their relatives or friends as security personnel without any training, which is seen as a loophole in security matters of the facility.

“This is a very big challenge to the hospitality industry, we strongly urge you to only employ skilled security personnel, who know what to do and able to use various security gadgets,” ACP Mbonyumuvunyi said.

ACP Eric Mutsinzi, the Northern Region Police Commander, while speaking in Musanze, hinted on the issue serving alcoholic beverages to minors, allowing them in night clubs as well as using their facilities to lure young girls into sexual acts.

“We have cases where minors are served alcoholic drinks and owners of these and mangers or bars, hotels or restaurants and even betting spots, feel not bothered; this is a crime punishable by law,” ACP Mutsinzi warned.

Article 219 of the penal code stipulates that “any person who offers or sells alcoholic beverages or tobacco to a child or involves him/her in the sale of such products shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of at least three months but less than six months and a fine of Rwf300, 000 to Rwf1 million or one of these penalties.”

The meeting also deliberated on ways to prevent noise pollution.

In Musanze, the vice mayor in-charge of Economic Development, Augustin Ndaberewe, recognized the role of the hospitality industry in national development, but added that all these thrives on maximum safety and security, which attracts more clients thus generating higher revenue.

Ndaberewe called for strengthened partnership between those in the service industry and security organs on anything unlawful happening in their facilities or areas.

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