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ZANU-PF Cadres Claim Ex-President of Botswana Can’t Tell Woman ‘I love you’



Former President Ian Khama of Botswana may not recover from a jab from his enemies in Zimbabwe that still loath his leadership days.

At the age of 67, Mr Khama is allegedly  a bachelor although three years ago he tasked two of his confidants to help him identify a beautiful woman he will marry and live happily in retirement.

Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU–PF) Patriots, a division of the country’s ruling party, has blasted former President Ian Khama’s leadership qualities saying they are amongst others influenced by his failure to marry. Speaking at a rally recently, the officials said Khama claims he can heal or fix Zimbabwe “when he does not even have the courage to tell a woman that ‘I love you’”.

“Zimbabwe is above that level, we have better things to think of,” the ZANU-PF Patriots further attacked Khama racially, accusing him of being confused on whether he is black or white. Former President Khama has been the Zimbabwean government‘s loudest and courageous critic even before his retirement.

While serving as President, Khama soiled the diplomatic relations with his neighbours after he called the late Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe to step down due to old age saying he has also overstayed his welcome.

ZANU-PF Patriots are developing into the party’s attack dogs. Recently they at-tacked South Africa saying SA does not have an overseer role to play with Zimbabwe further warning against forces seeking to destabilise the ANC and other liberation movements in the region.

This came a week after a delegation of the ANC, led by secretary-general Ace Magashule jetted to Zimbabwe to engage ZANU-PF on a number of issues plaguing the neighbouring country, including the decline of the economy and claims of a purge against government opposition members and journalists.

The group said it was decided during a meeting that in a diplomatic sense, South Africa was in no way linked to Zimbabwe and had no mediatory role to play. Pressure is mounting on President Emmerson Mnangagwa to fix the Zimbabwean economy amid protests suggesting that his predecessor, Mugabe was even better than him.

The Botswana Gazette

Botswana President Seriously Looking for ‘Woman’ to Marry

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