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You Now Need A German Shepherd in 2022

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President Paul Kagame is a true darling of Rwandans for he never stops to surprise them including his other fans across the globe.

Many years back the President dropped his military fatigue and switched to a corporate executive suit, then to the casual African print long sleeved shirt, to American safari attire and most recently donning  Made in Rwanda wardrobe, champion brand sweat-pants and jumper then rolling onto the streets with a sports bike. The Rwandan leader sets the trend, albeit.

Now, President Kagame is a proud owner of two German Shepherds. He posted photos of him playing with these pricey canines on Christmas Eve. Dogs are human’s longest living animal friends.

German Shepherds are easy to acquire when they are still puppies but the biggest challenge is to maintain or raise them to maturity.

German Shepherd owners will agree with the saying, “buying a dog is not a big deal – the real deal is the cost to own it!”

The cost of owning a German Shepherd can be around US$85 per month once you have paid for your pup (the average initial buying cost being US$2000). Therefore, the lifetime cost of owning a German Shepherd over 10 years can be up to US$12,230, for both the cost of the puppy plus all food and care expenses.

In Rwanda, German Shepherd puppy costs about Frw300,000-Frw500,000 depending on the seller. This is the cost of a mature dairy cow possibly even expecting thus most Rwandans wouldn’t go for this dog.

Dog breeders are expected to make more money as the demand for puppies is expected to increased right after the public glanced on Rwanda’s Chief Executive playing with his GSDs.

Merry Xmas to Taarifa audience.