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Why Did VW Mobility Solution Rwanda CEO Return To Rwanda From Germany?


Volkswagen Mobility Solution Rwanda CEO, Michaëlla Rugwizangoga, appread in a video produced by Young Rwandan Professionals. The vlog interviewed her on personal career choices and how she looks at being a Rwandan profesional today and in the future.

Below is the interview

Tell us about your career background 

I started my university at the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST). After a year there, I obtained a scholarship from the government of Rwanda and moved to Germany in 2007. When I reached there, I had to learn German and in 2013, I obtained my masters degree in chemical engineering. I decided to return home and started my professional journey at Rwanda Development Board (RDB) in December 2013. It gave me a helicopter view on what was happening in the country and really helped me understand where we were going and how I would specifically contribute.

What does being a young Rwandan professional mean to you?

For me, being a young professional means being aware of where our country is going, actively participating into the development of the country and making sure that our country grows and moves forward.

Why did you decide to return to Rwanda?

Coming back to Rwanda to me was always a given, I studied in Germany under an excellence scholarship of the Rwandan government and I always wanted to be part of the growth and development of my country, so for me there was no question, from the moment I ended my school in Germany, I had to come back home.

What are the activities of Volkswagen in Rwanda?

In Rwanda, Volkswagen has four pillars. We assemble vehicles in the country. We have the Polo, Teramont, and Marok, now assembled in the country. We offer sales and after sales services. We have a training academy and our largest component is the mobility services. Under mobility services, we have ride hailing, tax hailing services, rental offers and you may not have a brand new Volkswagen, but you should be able to drive or have a ride in a brand new Volkswagen assembled in Rwanda. We have been in activity for a year and a half. We have more than 160 staff; including women drivers and the numbers are growing. Our clients are happy are to see that we are promoting gender within our company and it’s a focus for us.

Advice to young Rwandans abroad?

To young Rwandans who are studying abroad and looking at coming back home, I would advice them to stay connected to the country. You have to understand what is happening in Rwanda. You have to build a strong network, if you can come to Rwanda as often as you can, attend the Rwanda Day, understand where the country is going and then play your part. The country needs your creativity, strength and enthusiasm, so be part of it.

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