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Who Killed President Laurent-Desiré Kabila?

Mystery still surrounds the death of Former DRC’s President Laurent-Desiré Kabila.

For the Congolese Press, the story of Kabila senior’s death has never left the editorial walls.

On January 16th 2001, President Laurent-Desiré Kabila was knocked out of life with multiple bullets sunk into his body by his own guard- according to reports.

The Congolese Press is churning out stories promoting various theories and reasons that may have led to the murder of Mzee Kabila as he was usually addressed while still a rebel leader.

In the Politico newspaper, the story attempts to pause many questions; such as, “Who killed President Laurent-Desiré Kabila?”

The newspaper also responds in the same article, “The answer is of course simple and known to all. He is the “kadogo” (simple soldier), but bodyguard of the late President, Rachidi Mizele.”

According to Politico, these are the facts it fronts in attempt to explain the demise of the late leader.

“In the morning, the President granted a few hearings. Businessmen, a few political actors. Nothing more.”

“At lunchtime, the Head of State receives his Economic Advisor, Mota, who will normally accompany him the next day to Yaoundé in Cameroon, where the President intends to participate with his African counterparts in the XXIst France-Africa summit. He was the last person to see Mzee.”

“Working quietly in his office, the President sees Rachidi beckoning him. A man of confidence, Mzee told him to come in. Suddenly, the bodyguard draws and fires point blank at his interlocutor, according to Arnaud Zaitman, former BBC correspondent in the DRC, author of a documentary on Mzee’s death.”

“Hearing gunshots, aide-de-camp of the Head of State, Colonel Eddy Kapend is the first to arrive at Mzee’s office. Seeing Rachidi on the run, the aide de camp knocked him down in turn.”

Place on trial

Colonel Eddy Kapend, Mzee’s right-hand man, was then condemned as the instigator of the plot, along with around 30 other people, all sentenced to death. If he was not executed, it is undoubtedly because in the DRC, many people are convinced of his innocence and that of his companions in misfortune.

Many leads on the murder of Mzee: faithful of Masasu, brother in arms of Kabila, then executed, of the Lebanese diamond dealer injured by the monopoly of the sector decreed by the President. Several voices are being raised to call for the trial to be reopened.

An allegation by Honorary Senator Abdoulaye Yerodia Ndombasi in a documentary is eloquent.

“He (Colonel Eddy Kapend) will not be released until an alternative solution is found.” Namely, to corner the real sponsors of this assassination.

Now that Colonel Eddy Kapend is released, have these real sponsors been found? Unfortunately, Abdoulaye Yerodia Ndombasi is no longer of this world to answer them.

To honor the memory of Mzee, the young people of the PPRD swept the various historical sites in memory of the late president on Friday January 15, 2021.

The Deputy Minister of Hydrocarbons Moussa Mondo was also present.