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What Do You Do When You Are Depressed, Stressed?


“Life is a cycle.”

Think about it. Do you realize that your life is always about “today I am happy, I am in love, I am laughing and full of life” and tomorrow you are like “oh! this depression, I am tired, a heartbreak, I think I am losing, I can’t even breath I just want to cry!”

And then it happens all over and over again.

I am not any different, this is the way my life is too.

But I always like analyzing every situation.

There is away I deal with my life and try to change it and create the most of my life as a happy life! A happy heartbreak, a happy failure, a happy everything.

You know people say I am “stress free” but there exists nothing as “anything free.”

Of course I do have stress, pain, depressions and a lot of failures.

But the question is “how do I deal with all that, and turn out to be happy after all?”

Here is the thing, you are depressed about something now, think about it all over and over again. No, like do it now, do it, just think about that depression for a minute!

Does it change anything now that you are going deep into it? Do you feel happy about it now? No, you don’t!
Do this, try playing a happy song, talk to your friends, call that funny friend of yours and ask him what he is doing, sing out loud and dance!

This might not be your way of shaking off stress, but try one of those activities that you are comfortable with. Go meet the boys or the girls. Stay out, go work out or help out someone with an activity. Read, or write. Just do something!

Maybe it doesn’t all go away, but for that moment you are distracted with that you don’t even remember you were depressed, your day passes on in a moment you don’t even realize! This is helping you not to be depressed and hating on your life!!

But then, how do you get to solve your problem that is depressing you?

My point here is, you don’t get to put down your problem without thinking of how to solve it.
Make sure you find a solution to your problem and think properly, if your solution doesn’t work, try again something else and again!

This is how you work it with staying happy.

Tell me, in 24 hours of a day, how many hours do you think it takes to think about what to do about a problem? Like, the way it started, the way it makes you feel or the way you can change it? I don’t think you can even exceed one hour of thinking!

The rest of the day try to make yourself happy, appreciate the things and the people you have, take the precious time and be thankful to God and most especially believe that things are going to change for the best!

MORAL OF THE STRORY: No situation is permanent in life, if you are sad, be happy because it’s about to change and if you are happy, enjoy it to the fullest because it is about to change too!!

I am not a specialized counselor, but I HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE

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