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VIDEO: Ubumwe Grand Hotel Throws Glamourous End Of Year Party For Its Clients

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Words were not enough for Ubumwe Grand Hotel to express gratitude and appreciation for its partners, clients and promoters.

The management of the hotel organized an end of year 2019 party on Monday evening to extend a token of appreciation.

“We cannot succeed without clients, they are everything we need,” says Dorah Kirezi, the Commercial Manager of the Hotel. “We also organized this event to say ‘thank you’ to all our partners.”The facility, which sits in the middle of Kigali’s Business District, is just fours year old, but it has increasingly become a preferred choice for many.

The magnificent facility has capacity of 153 bedrooms and 10 meeting rooms with one that has capacity to host 250 people.

“I have slept here, and my colleague from Bugarama normally sleeps here, because they are a service provide of choice,” says Bheki Mthembu, CEO of CIMERWA (pictured center below). “They also provide catering for our CIMERWA Golf Tournaments, we have done it about three times…I would definitely recommend Ubumwe Grand Hotel to anyone without any question.”Mthembu says the hotel has become the choice for his South African counter parts. “When they come to Rwanda, they want to be put in Ubumwe Grand Hotel.”

The facility continues to garner massive attraction and appreciation. According to John Mirenge, CEO of Prime Insirance (Right in the picture below), the hotel is more than just a hospitality gem. “Ubumwe represents our Rwandan culture of oneness of and represents an indigenous brand that we feel proud of.”“We are very proud to be associate with Ubumwe,” says Mirenge who also provides insurance services for the Hotel.

At the celebration was also Ashish Athakkar, Founder of Mara Group. He also had a word to say. “The promoters of Ubumwe have done such a fantastic job, especially when you see the quality of the finish, the attention to detail, the level of service and the view at the rooftop.
“I am really pleased to be a client and regularly coming with my visitors to Kigali.”

Ubumwe Grand Hotel is a 4 Star facility, but for many, “It is a four-star hotel with five-star services.”

According to Emanuel Nsabimana, Head of Customer Care and Tourism Regulatory Division at Rwanda Development Board (RDB), says the facility has boosted the country’s tourism industry.“Ubumwe has contributed a lot to the MICE industry, and we still need this kind of caliber of hotels” he says.