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VERBATISM: MISS RWANDA, Jolly Mutesi’s Testimony


I am ending my tenure as Miss Rwanda. It is a very good ending. I tried to do whatever I wanted to do for Rwandans. I executed my duties well and I also have long-term projects. I started The ‘Generation Dialogue’ that I am supposed to be running annually.

The idea came from bringing different generations together because if you take a flashback into our country’s history, it is a country that was commonly admired for its unity. So, bringing generations together to discuss, bringing ideas together and working towards a common goal, we will find solutions. I had promised to advocate and promote domestic tourism.

I started right away after the crown, not even in two weeks. Then I crossed a little bit and tried to do some other things, for example I tried to rise one million francs to support children to go to university. I advocated for people in the Western Province. I was told that 20 % of the people had no health insurance.

I secured three million francs from COGEBANQUE to support 1000 people. I, with the Rotarians from East African countries Kenya, Uganda Tanzania, made 50 vegetable gardens for 50 families in Kinyinya Village to combat malnutrition. I also support 120 students with my salary.

Notably too, it happened that I was the first [Rwandan] at MISS WORLD. This put Rwanda on the world map; at least today, we can say ‘step-by-step,’ we are advancing, promoting Rwanda worldwide and branding the country’s image.

I was among the 24 girls, who were regarded as the ‘Beauty with A Purpose. And we all know it is a race; you either win or lose. It was a fair play. I did not get the crown but I tried to brand my country. I believe as time comes things are going to improve and we will advance.

Miss Jolly Mutesi, Photo by Nicolous Kizza

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