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Upcoming Rwanda Summer Golf Will Make You Forget Covid-19

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Six-long months under COVID-19 pandemic lockdown may have deeply disrupted the social routines of Rwandans but this weekend; all roads will lead to Rwamagana district at the shores of Lake Muhazi about a one-hour drive from Kigali.

Code named Rwanda Summer Golf, this event is organized by Taarifa and Falcon Golf Club- it will kick off from October 3-4.

Hundreds of elite participants will be spoilt with an assortment of exciting canoeing, cycling, golfing, silent disco, lots of drinks and nyama choma and various food dishes. If you are interested in spending the night over, there are camping tents available at affordable rates.

For those who enjoy marine sports expect to pay for a ski boat and zoom on the calm fresh clear waters of Lake Muhazi. Kayaking for the first time will be experienced on this lake with a rich history.

Details also indicate that 4G LTE internet will be beaming within the area; therefore it is advisable to take with you the best multimedia gadgets to capture moments and share via your social networks.

The event is planned to kick off from October 3-4- these are two days of total heavenly bliss that will make you forget the six boring months you endured during COVID-19 lockdown since March. Affordable tickets are fast selling and have been categorized as standard Rwf100,000, VIP Rwf200,000 and VVIP Rwf250,000 – payment procedures are contactless.

Falcon Golf Club facility seats on dozens of hectares at Nyamabuye village located at Gati cell in Gishali sector

Rwanda Summer Golf comes with several benefits to the Rwamagana district local economy- nearly all foods, fruits, chicken, eggs, milk, alcohol, coffee and meat will be supplied from local sources and this will have a direct impact on their incomes during the two days and break away from the COVID-19 effects.

“This sports event was organised to showcase that even in the post lockdown situation, economic activities must continue to help people and businesses most affected by Covid-19 Pandemic,” says Rutamu Innocent the proprietor of Falcon Golf Club hosting the luxurious event on the shores of Lake Muhazi (at Nyamabuye village located at Gati cell in Gishali sector).

For those wondering whether, such an event would be endorsed by authorities, rest assured all the necessary protocols and conditions have been satisfied and cleared. The relevant institutions have cleared the event.

According to an assessment and categorization of various sports ahead of resumptions of sporting activities in Rwanda, the sports ministry ranks golf and cycling among sports that are of low risk in the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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