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UP NEXT: Interview With Germany Envoy In Rwanda



Taarifa team is holding an exclusive interview with Dr. Thomas Kurz the Germany Ambassador in Rwanda. Several topics are being explored in this interview.

For an informed background, Germany and Rwanda enjoy close and pragmatic relations, with Germany generally regarded by Rwanda as a partner with no hidden economic or political agenda.

The relations with the two countries sunk to very low tempo in 2008 when Rosa Kabuye a Rwandan government official had been arrested in Germany. Both countries recalled their envoys but a year later relations were restored and new envoys posted on either country’s capitals.

German posted Dr. Thomas Kurz in Kigali as envoy.

“Shaping and intensifying the relationship between Germany and Rwanda is a great opportunity and challenge. I am excited to take up this assignment,” he said after being posted to Kigali.

Dr. Thomas Kurz

It should also be noted that the two countries enjoy growing economic ties.

According to the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), German business interests in Rwanda have been expanding over the past few years. From 2000 to September 2019, the RDB has registered 17 German investments (totalling above $257 million) with interests in a wide spectrum of sectors. Taarifa team is capturing this part in the interview.


Rwanda has population of 12 million people.

German has population of 83 million people.

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