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UK, Rwanda Sign MoU To Improve Service Delivery


The United Kingdom is deeply engaging Rwanda to empower the civil society to greatly participate in transformation of the country.

In September, 2017, cabinet approved a 7-year Government Program dubbed the ‘National Strategy for Transformation (NSTP 1/2017-2024) – the country’s next development agenda.

And the United Kingdom government through its International development arm (DFID) which has been supportive of Rwanda’s transformation drive, has entered partnership with Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) to help in the realization of this new agenda.

DFID Rwanda believes that empowering the country’s civil society will increase their wide participation in holding the government to account on various undertakings during this 7-year transformation program.

Over £500,000 is being invested by DFID to help RGB enhance capacity of the civil society in Rwanda.

Taarifa held a short conversation with Sarah Metcalf, the head of UK’s Department for International Development in Rwanda.

Below is an excerpt……..

For how long have you been in Rwanda?

I arrived here in July 2017.

How did this partnership come about?

We had a long interaction with RGB and we came up with a new program we have been developing on civil society more broadly here in Rwanda.

And which is particularly focused on the relationship between government and civil society. So this partnership is emerged from that analysis.

It is understanding the important roles that RGB plays with this new mandate in delivering some of the key priorities in the national strategy for transformation.

Is this organic or it is part of what you do as DFID?

It’s a partnership we have been developing over time but it’s a partnership we have been keen to develop with RGB.

How does it fit in the interests of the UK

Rwanda has made enormous progress in the past 24 years. And the UK has been a big partner so our interest is to support that continuing development and support Rwanda achieve its objectives for national transformation.

Are you convinced you will achieve this…?

Rwanda’s track record of delivery is impressive so UK will do all they can to support Rwanda.

We do appreciate the role RGB plays in strengthening the relationship between the civil society and government in order to promote accountability as one of the priorities in NSTP.

Could you break it down both in material and non-material structure?

The support we signed today is focused on two things Help RGB to think through a strategy for delivering on its new mandate. Helping to identify areas for capacity development and put together capacity development plans,

Secondly is to work with (Joint Action Development Forum) mechanism to see how they can be further strengthened.

Does this include Financing?

The support will support RGB’s thinking through its capacity development needs. So there is technically assistance through its programs.

Specifically is there financing?

The total Budget is going to be £500000 April to September 2019.

(Centre) DFID Rwanda Head, Sarah Metcalf said that the partnership signed will particularly enable RGB continue to collaborate with non-government organisations

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